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Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Once in a while you just need to get away from your computer and do something dirty with your hands. Heaven knows we know at WLTT. So it was with great excitement that we all trooped down to Print Club in Dalston for their one day screenprinting workshop. After an interesting pocket history of screenprinting as craft and artform, we got down to preparing our screens and images. Daunting at first, we quickly got the hang of the intial painting and preparations.

After a quick Turkish lunch down the road, we got down to choosing our colours and printing - and the results I think speak for themselves.

Highly recommended and highly enjoyable - and thanks very much to the Print Club club for being so patient and, well, patient.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

CSM Graphic Design 2010 part 2

More things we liked from the CSM 2010 Graphics show.

CSM Graphic Design 2010

Seen at the CSM 2010 Graphic Design Degree Show at Nicholls and Clarke on Shoreditch High St this weekend. Lots of lovely lovely work.

Magdalena Sobczynska

Shin Park

Dias Murzabekov

Liana Kesenci

Friday, 14 May 2010

Ping Pong with Ron Arad

We had the great pleasure of going to the Barbican last night to see a Ron Arad take on his fans. His Restless retrospective exhibition spilled over into the world of sport as many amateurs and at least one professional ping pong player gathered to play on some pretty out there tables - one bowed mirrored one, another with a bookshelf marking the net line... and as for the bats - solid steel ones that weighed a ton in the shape of Hawaii and Alaska, ones made out of volumes of Kafka, and lovely ones with LED lights inset that spelled PING PONG when you waved them in a vaguely menacing fashion at your opponent. All played with lovely BLACK ping pong balls - classy. The bats were made by Troika, and it was one of their friends who told us about this quite bizarre but actually incredibly friendly and hight spirited night - you could have heard a pin drop during the final between Ron and Xu - the pro player who worked here way to the final. Ron won in the end, I don't think he could believe it himself. Game set and match, the Barbican.

This bat was super heavy. Shaped like either Hawaii or Alaska - one day we'll find out which...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Nous Vous Two

We finally got our act together to take a photo of our beautiful new Dark Energy print from Nous Vous.

Beautiful isn't it? And a good excuse to publish a photo of the cute Nous Vous boys too.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Nous Vous

We like Nous Vous, a lovely bunch of boys from Leeds and around, who were down at the Pick Me Up! graphic art fair at Somerset House this weekend. We wound up with a beautiful print of theirs called 'Dark Energy' by Jay Cover. One of our favourite songs came on while we were buying it which we took as a good omen - it'll look great over the mantel. Thanks, Nous Vous!

Monday, 26 April 2010

Italian Hand Gestures

Our favourite souvenir from Milan had to be this beautiful little book, originally written and designed in 1963 by Bruno Munari and recently republished. Some classics and some new ones to confound your non Italian friends. Especially good for drivers stuck in traffic.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Pick Me Up

We like the 'Pick Me Up' contemporary graphic art fair at Somerset House. We gorged ourselves on the delicious Busaba canapes and brilliant selection of work on show at last nights private view. Rob Ryan has uprooted his studio and set up home in Somerset House for the exhibition alongside Print Club London who were printing live at last nights event. Most of the work is for sale including lots of affordable pieces from up-and-coming graphic artists.