Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Empire Strikes Back!

We like the new exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery too, a showcase of Indian modern art. Lots to see, on til May 7.

Thursday, 28 January 2010


We like these cloven hoof shoes designed by German artist Iris Shieferstein. The work of the devil indeed!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


We like the dark side.If you do too, check out this exquisitely morbid blog.



We like the otherworldly photography of Vincent Fournier. He spent the last 10 years photographing government research and space training centres. The resulting imagery has an unsettling aesthetic which appears to confront the myths of space and utopia.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010


We like jeweller Vera Meat, who makes all manner of mythical beasties into tiny treasures to grace necks arms and fingers.We hear that American artist Miranda July is a fan.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Exhibitions 26.01.10

Design Real private view and Support Structure book launch Serpentine Gallery tonight 26 Jan. Free.

Gods Own Graveyard Cnr Carnaby St and Beak St until tomorrow 27 January. Free.
Exhibition of the archive of Electrosigns who most recently made our Christmas and Centenary neon

Arts on Film at the Tate Modern Starr Auditorium : Good Ol' Charles Schulz 31 January Free
Part of documentary screening series at the Tate

Kinetica Art Fair P3 Space *private view 4 Feb* then to 7 Feb £8 1 day show pass £14 1 day show and performance pass £20 weekend pass
Kinetic/motion/technology/robotics inspired art in lovely old industrial space including talk on Saturday on Robots as Avatars

Chips With Everything at the Dutch Cultural Pop Up Space Riding House St W1 until 13 Feb Free
3 Dutch multimedia/digital design collectives show their stuff

Love Lost In The British Retail Industry Battersea Arts Centre 18 Feb £12
One woman stand up show - part of the N2O comedy festival

Mike Ballard's The All Of Everything University of Arts Davies St until 20 Feb Free
Final show before the building is demolished see every surface painted by a vast monochrome mural

Sporadical Battersea Arts Centre March 2 - March 20 £5 (£3 concessions)
This looks kind of amazing - family reunion as epic folk opera with drinking and sea shanties
Part of The Big Story season at Battersea Arts Centre - other things on there well worth a look.

Sutra Sidi Larbi and Antony Gormley with the Shaolin Monks Sadlers Wells 13-26 March £10-35
Dance/acrobatics/human visual trickery with Gormley 'sets'

1001 Inventions at the Science Museum until 25 April Free
Showcasing the huge but hidden impact of muslim scholars and scientists on the modern world

Neon Men

We like this exhibition organised by Electrosigns in conjunction with Spine TV, on Carnaby St. Electrosigns have been making neon for some 60 odd years, creating neon for upmarket department stores, seedy soho dives, and just about any film you can name. It's the first time they've done something like this, and the work shown is just a tiny fraction of their enormous archive of antique and new signs. De-light-ful? Sorry.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Rebecca Stevenson at Nettie Horn

We liked these beautiful sculptures in carved polyester resin and wax by Rebecca Stevenson at Podium and Pandemonium at Nettie Horn Gallery on Vyner St. Also pictured are works by Adam King at the same show.

Thursday, 21 January 2010


We like painter Mark Ryden. His other worldly, dark and surreal imagery probes the world of the unconscious. The mythological and historical references and sinister cast of characters wouldn't be out of place in a Tim Burton film. With Burton's Alice in Wonderland launching on March 5th, Rydens work echoes the mood of the moment. We think Tim and Mark would get on like a house on fire. Check out his website for a host of wondrous imagery, a selection of inspiring essays, or if you're feeling flush to pick up and exhibition copy of one of his fine books.

Exhibitions 21.01.10

Laura Wilson : Horse of A Different Colour Siobhan Davies Studio until 26 February Free

Arc Lighting Show Earls Court Two 3-4 February Free if you register otherwise £££
Lighting trade show.

Where Three Dreams Cross Whitechapel Gallery 21 January - 11 April Free
150 years of photography from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Nice name for the show.

Chris Ofili Tate Britain 27 January - 16 May £10/8.50 concessions
Major survey of his work.

The Empire Strikes Back: New Indian Art Saatchi Gallery 29 January - 7 May Free
Big group show - also they've reinstalled the oil room at the Saatchi so worth having a look at that while there.

Michael Landy's Art Bin South London Gallery 29 January - 14 March Free
'A monument to creative failure' by the guy who destroyed all his own things as art.

Kinetica Art Fair P3 Space near Baker St *private view 4 Feb 18.30-2100* then until 7 Feb. Free.
Group show of movement/robotic inspired artwork in a great space.

Oh You Pretty Things Spring Project Space 8 Feb - 14 March Free
Group show of new fashion photographers

Bob and Roberta Smith Factory Outlet Beaconsfield space until 21 Feb Free
Artist famous for sign like text pieces completes three month residency, shows work done in that time.

Also continuing William Eggleston at Victoria Miro, Stuart Haygarth finishing on the 30th at Haunch Of Venison and Jim Goldberg finishing 30 January at Photographers Gallery.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Horse of a Different Colour

Up and coming Irish artist and friend of Concept Corner Laura Wilson is to debut her first solo show!Launching on Jan 19th at Siobhan Davies Space with performance by the artist the show will run until the 26th of Feb. Laura is an alumni of Central St Martins and has previously exhibited at the Tate Modern, Ormeau Baths Gallery Belfast,and the Liverpool Biennale. She currently works for Chisenhale gallery in East London.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Liberty windows

We liked the new windows at Liberty for their new season.

Guerra de la Paz

We liked the sculpture (first two images on this post), entitled Nine, by Guerra de la Paz, part of the Abstract American show at the Saatchi Gallery which finished on Sunday. Other images from Guerra de la Paz portfolio online. Guerra de la Paz are a pair of Cuban born artists, based in Florida, who use discarded garments as the primary material for their work, seeing them as 'relics that once defined an individual's personality, and comunally speak of environmental issues, mass consumption, and disposability.'