Tuesday, 18 May 2010

GO GO GO....

We like the wickedly wonderful, Eastern European, gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello. We saw them for the second time last Friday at Hammersmith Apollo and what a night it was. Our wee feet barely touched the floor all night as we were swept away with the wild rumpus of beer, enraged fiddle playing and raucous tunes. These fine fellows really know how to put on a spectacular show, no one in the room was having a better time than the insanely animated band. We emerged beer sodden, exhausted, rosy cheeked, hearts bursting with adrenalin having danced with wild abandon and hollered like baying wolves along to the music. Front man Eugene has described the band as "an orchestra of fucking immigrants" and wow what an orchestra they are, relentless, visceral music makers who gave their heart and soul, sweat and tears to the audience. Heres to next time!

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