Monday, 27 September 2010


We like a bit of experimental theatre so we hot footed it to the smorgasbord of eclectic theatrical happenings that comprises "Theatre Souk" on Picton place. The evening bore similarities to the one on one event at the BAC. The space is an abandoned office building tucked behind the main drag of Oxford St that the Theatre Souk folks themselves describes as "theatre squat". The action happens at locations throughout the building, from the boisterous cabaret space to a winding iron stairwell. Actors tempt the unsuspecting crowd through doorways into darkened nooks and crannies all over the buildings, arms are grabbed with incitements to join the next performance with haste. We donned white lab coats to watch a curious autopsy , "soft armour" unfold. We bought a few quids worth of poker chips at Chaika Casino where the winning chip dictates the performance. Our favourite line from the version we saw was "she moved through the room with ease, like a rumour". Our favourite performance of the evening was Flabbergast Puppet Poker, which featured two gravelly voiced, foul mouthed, Eastern European puppets called Boris and Sergey. Each puppet was animated and voiced by three people. The prose was hilariously filthy but strangely full of pathos. Unadulterated genius. The show runs through til the 16th of October, we'll be going back to check out all the doorways we missed!

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