Wednesday, 6 April 2011

RIP us

Well it's official - we're dead. Or at least we look it. Last night we hopped along on a spare ticket to the One on One Festival at the Battersea Arts Centre - which we also visited last year. It was one of the most intense nights we've had out in a long time - literally being rushed from one awkward and stressful situation to the next - they like to test your mettle at these one on ones that's for sure. Nothing could have prepared me for the 2 Free experience with artist Ansuman Biswas - though sadly I wasn't nearly a match for the circumstances. It was fantastic in a very humbling way though to be forced to really have a good look at your own behaviour - impossible to avoid in a one on one situation. Being hung out of a window on a board was strangely relaxing in comparison. And as for being put in a coffin and sung to (thanks Hanneke Pauuwe) - I guess it's good to be prepared for both of those things?

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