Friday, 1 July 2011

Bold Tendencies 5

It was, as last year, a beautiful evening in Peckham for the opening night of the annual Bold Tendencies sculpture show last night. Luckily we got there fairly early - it was filling up by the time we left. The work was of a very high standard, and as last time lovely and uncluttered - as a friend pointed out it would be tempting to just fill the space. Favourite works included Bettina Pousttchi's chrome plated bollards, David Brooks' wooden boardwalk/rollercoaster track and the brilliantly named Bruce High Quality Foundation's Stay With Me Baby - symbiotically related inflatable rats. There is also as last year the delightful Frank's Cafe serving Campari and delicious foodie treats all through the summer duration of the exhibition. Many events screenings and musical interludes promised over the next couple months as well. See it before it ends on Sept 30 - I mean it.

Just look at that view!

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