Monday, 16 August 2010


We like punting, the newest adventure to be had on Regents Canal. The folks at East London Boats charge a very reasonable £18 per hour for a punt which seats around 6 people. We spent a very pleasant if surreal Saturday evening celebrating a dear friends 30th. We met at The Palm Tree and ambled across the toe path to launch our punts into the grand waterways of the East. As the punting session marked such a momentous occasion, we duly decorated our punts with bunting, flags and birthday balloons. Onward we sailed, brave little explorers fortified with a celebratory medley of prosecco, red stripe and chocolate cake. Much revllery ensued when we bashed each others punts and found legitimate reason to yell "you fooking punt!". A jolly good time had by all, we'd recommend you give it a whirl while the sun's still shining.

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