Wednesday, 4 August 2010


We like foodie stuff. We've been hungrily devouring foodie blogs and websites of late. What better way to see in high summer than with a seasonal cooking fest. Blogland has seen a veritable explosion in food love this year. Folks have been studiously scribing about new recipes, supper clubs, favourite local caf's and even marvellous experiential food events in London town. Here's some of our favourite reads: Bompas and Parr, alchemists extraordinaire, it's food but not as you know it. Rosie's deli, sweet and chatty food musings form the cool owner of a brixton deli/cafe. Salad Club two girls a million bright ideas about what to make for tea!The London Foodie, an oracle of London Eateries, cooking clubs, and secret dining.Tastebud Deluxe for a laugh a minute! Trawl these folks side bars too for even more delectable food blogs.

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