Monday, 22 March 2010

Billy Childish at the ICA

We like the Billy Childish exhibition on at the ICA. Unkknowable But Certain catalogues his musical work to date, with a wall of old record sleeves (some of the design just amazing), his entire back catalogue playable on a computer in the gallery space, zines and other publications, and my favourite, a short film which shows Childish (born Steven John Hamper) exploring his home of many years just prior to leaving it in 1997 - crammed full of paintings and objects - Childish revealing a sentimentality you would never guess was there - though he is quick to point out that he doesn't believe in reviving anything that is past... thoughtful and nice. On the lower floor an exhibition of paintings by Childish gives some idea of where his interests lie now - great colours and surprisingly gripping.

All images from Roland magazine, available at the ICA for a £1 donation.

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