Thursday, 4 March 2010

The John Hour at Dalston Superstore

We like the new exhibition by arts collective The John Hour, which comprises Emily Pugh, Emma Gibson and Raven Smith, on at Dalston Superstore, which opened last night. Emily's beautiful paper moths clustered round the emergency lights, Emma's suicide machines tempted us with their cheap and easy way out(sadly I didn't have 10p to try one) and Raven's hilarious self portraits - well - have a look at his blog to see what they looked like. There were also bright coloured hanging robots by Emily and Emma, and a sound installation in the basement, which was meant to make you feel as though you were 'incredibly uncomfortable at a Goa trance rave'. Thanks, The John Hour!

PS The original John Hour was the bright idea of a former New York City mayor in 1979 to publicly name and shame, on a regular public radio show, convicted customers of prostitutes, or "johns". The plan was that faced with this kind of treatment, people would stop seeing prostitutes. It never took off though, in fact lasting only one broadcast, before it was condemned as 'a gross abuse of government power'.

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