Tuesday, 16 March 2010

So In Style Barbie at Selfridges

There's a brand new Barbie doll on show at Selfridges - designed by Barbie designer Stacey McBride-Irby in part to reflect her and her daughters lives - "I want African-American girls to know that dolls can represent their career aspirations, hobbies and ethnic backgrounds.” They look pretty cool in their room sets for sure! The ultimate Barbie house!

Also on display, a brilliant selection of black Barbies through history, beginning with the earliest 50s 'Black Swimsuit Barbie', through to Diana Ross Barbie, Presidential candidate 2004 Barbie, and finally back almost full circle to Barbie Basics 010 - 'fashionable but smart, glamorous but with class', and dressed to the hilt in a Moschino power suit.

This part of the exhibition was curated by Sharmadean Reid of Wah! Nails on the Kingsland Road.

Finally, Chrome Hearts 'dolled up' (ahem) a phalanx of giant Barbies in their signature look - including lots of leather and crosses with some quite cool punk hair - and have put them to work, touring the world, spreading the Barbie message, and looking pretty all the while. Jealous!

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