Thursday, 8 July 2010

Inside/Out at Showstudio Shop

At once beautiful and grotesque Showstudio Shop's current exhibition Inside/Out features work that explores the relationship between the aesthetic of beauty and the reality of the human body. We especially loved the work of Arianna Page Russell - blessed/cursed with extremely high skin sensitivity, she need only scratch her arm to create a lasting red mark. For this, she photographed herself wearing temporary tattoos from photos of marks made on her body. We did a double take, thinking at first they were real. We also loved Marilyn Minter's film of purple lips repeatedly devouring what looked like green slime. It's these seldom seen views of the human body that are at once alluring and repellent. Looking forward to the next one Showstudio guys. Thanks for having us.

Puke On Gaga by Nick Knight and Ruth Hogben

Terence Koh's The Little Arrow of Silver Lodged in my Heart in Getting Bigger - note the sculpture must be hung so that its mouth is at the height of Terence Koh's heart

Marilyn Minter

Carson McColl and Nick Knight - Saint Black

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