Thursday, 15 July 2010

Kate Moss vs Mario Testino

We popped into Phillips de Pury in Victoria to check out this collection of photos of Kate Moss by Mario Testino. The collaboration between the two over I guess the 2000s, was billed as on a par with the relationship between David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton, though this was certainly not the case of innocent model and up and coming photographer at this point - but rather two people at the top of their respective games. Our favourite appeared to be a self portrait on toy camera by Moss herself. The cute guy working there said to us 'it's a snip at 35 grand'. 'What a cheek', I said. 'Testino didn't even take this one'. Sadly my words were lost to history, our cute friend having left the room before he could be impressed by our wit. Oh well. The auction is on today at Phillips de Pury on Howick Place, the photos will be on display at the Saatchi Gallery from tomorrow.

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