Friday, 30 July 2010

Reid Peppard

We were privileged to be invited to Reid Peppard's show of her latest work, RP Encore. Reid is a fully qualified taxidermist/jeweller who makes incredibly fragile and special pieces using ethically sourced found animals. As well as the jewelled taxidermy items, there are also bones, hearts and tongues of squirrels, foxes and crows, cast in incredible detail in precious metals. I love the thought of these animals, at best ignored and at worst hunted as vermin, getting their moment of glory as a beautiful accessory on the red carpet. Our favourite piece was the crow clutch (so dramatic and we love that), though we also had our eye on the cast crow tongue bracelets as well. Reid's show is open until 1 August by appointment only at 33 Fashion St, thereafter available online.

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