Monday, 7 June 2010

Antony Gormley at White Cube

We like this new-ish installation by Antony Gormley at White Cube in Mason's Yard. Entering the pitch black basement, your eyes adjust to a mass of ghostly white cubes that seem to float in space. You're encouraged to walk through the installation, even though it messes with your depth perception so you think you're going to put your foot through it. After a couple of minutes, floodlights switch on, almost blinding everyone. We all stood around blinking for a little bit, and then the lights went off. The formerly ghostly structure is now glowing at full strength, the phosphorescent paint covering it having re-charged. It reminded us a little of Martin Creed, who we love. Abstract cubist sculpture self portraits in rusted metal populate the room upstairs.
Test Sites continues until July 10.

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