Wednesday, 23 June 2010


We like a bit of heavy metal of an evening; so on Saturday night we donned head to toe black to take in few of Soho's finest filthy rock bars (Intrepid Fox and Crobar).Imbibing fine whiskey and red stripe straight from the can while cocking our ears to the exquisite sounds of hard rock. One of our number had just spent to the weekend at the mighty Download festival and regaled us with tales of the filth and fury that goes with spending three days in the company of ACDC, Rage Against the Machine, Them Crooked Vultures, Megadeath and the like. The night of metal reached it's head banging crescendo at The Macbeth (according to our cab driver the site of Amy Winehouse's ex's skuffle which resulted in his incarceration) on Hoxton St where Motorkill, the joyously excellent Motorhead tribute band played a blinding set. With pints of warm beer raised in homage we moshed with the cool kids of Shoreditch. We chatted with the band afterwards and being friendly Brummie's they had plenty of craic. We'd advise you check them out next time they're in town.

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