Monday, 28 June 2010

Ernesto Neto at the Hayward Gallery

We went on a quiet weekday to Ernesto Neto's show in the upper gallery of the Hayward (also on downstairs - The New Decor - more on that later) but could easily imagine it gets rammed at the weekend. A really fun space with lots to do, looks fun for kids, and topped off with a free swimming pool! You have to book in advance and its not included in your exhibition ticket but we were there on a hot and sunny Friday afternoon about 4 and it was dead - maybe everyone was watching the Brazil match. Walking through all the stretchy fabric installations you just wanted to get into your swimming costume and get in the water. Summery! PS apologies for the last photo, I like a nice detail and this little barrier that was up in front on on of the wall installations was really cute, obviously made to tie in with the rest of the exhibition.

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