Thursday, 17 June 2010

Stephen Gill

From old junk for sale at a market in Hackney Wick to deserted half-cleared spaces destined to become London 2012 Olympic sites, Stephen Gill is there with his camera to record it all. One of our favourites, A Series of Disappointments, is a collection of photos of discarded betting slips, each one twisted, folded or screwed up in different ways by frustrated punters at the William Hill. In his photos the essence of life is to be found in what we have left behind. Stephen Gill self-publishes collections of his own work, the latest of which, Coming Up for Air, of photos taken in 2008 and 2009 while in Japan, will be launching at Photographers Gallery with a signing on 1 July from 6pm. We are officially excited.

From Hackney Flowers

From Hackney Wick

From A Series of Disappointments

All photos Stephen Gill

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